Expect to hear peak levels of excitement coming from the Winkler Aquatic Centre this summer as one of the facility's thrilling features makes its highly anticipated return. 

A few years after the pool's two speed slides were decommissioned because they no longer met code, their replacements are being installed this week and readied for the new season. 

"There's a few adjustments that need to be made to the slide tower to accommodate these slides and that work is being done right now," explained Jordan Driedger, the City's Director of Community Services. "We hoping sometime in the next week we'll be able to run water through them, test them out, and make sure they're ready to go before they have their final inspection."

The new slides, which come in sections, differ slightly from the old ones which were made from one large mold. 

"The benefit of sections is then, if there is any wear-and-tear on any one piece, they can simply be replaced," explained Driedger. 

Regardless of this small difference, he fully expects swimmers to enjoy a very similar experience to the old slides. 

Meantime, swimmers will also be a bit more comfortable as they wade into the pool this summer. A new, more efficient heating system has been installed as well. 

"What's exciting about these heaters is they're much more efficient than the old ones, so we're hoping to have a better capacity to heat up the pool quicker. Hopefully, with those cool mornings, that the water will warm up a little bit faster," said Driedger. 

Overall, with pandemic restrictions over and the return of the speed slides, Driedger is eager for a normal year at the pool. 

- Written with files from Pam Fedack -

Newly installed heating system at the Winkler Aquatic CentreNewly installed heating system at the Winkler Aquatic Centre