With the turn of the page to April, applications are now being accepted for the spring granting period at the Altona Community Foundation. "Today’s Needs and Tomorrow’s Dreams" is the organization’s focus, and Chair Haydon Friesen is encouraging groups of all types to submit a funding request before the end of the month.

"Grant applications can be submitted through our website altonacommunityfoundation.com," he explained. "You can also download the application and submit it via e-mail, or talk to any one of our board members. We're happy to assist if you have any questions, or need help filling out the application. We're always grateful to receive the applications that we do."

Friesen noted they are hoping to continue the trend set in Fall 2023 when the Foundation received the most applications for any granting period in its history.

"Capital projects are kind of our targets, the brick and mortar type of projects, upgrades, training," he said. "We're trying to be as flexible as possible to get those dollars to the organizations that need it the most, and that will benefit our community as a whole, so any project you have on the horizon, we would love to see an application and try and help out however we can."

Some of the recent projects supported include the Kiddie Sunshine Centre new daycare, Blue Sky Opportunities, Neubergthal Heritage Foundation and Altona Softball.

"It's always exciting to see some of the projects on the horizon within our community, and some of the inquiries we have about the different projects from those organizations within our community, always looking to provide different offerings for every corner of our town," Friesen said.

The Altona Community Foundation is expecting to have $30,000 to grant during the Spring period, which is a significant sum for the organization.

"Hopefully, we receive numerous applications, and we're able to distribute that as fairly as possible, so everyone gets somewhat of a piece of the pie that will push their project along."

The deadline to submit a Spring grant application is Tuesday, April 30th and you can find the online application form, here.

Meanwhile, Friesen also wanted to share with the community that grants will not be available this year from the recently received donation from the Thomas Sill Foundation.

"Again, very grateful to receive those funds from the Thomas Sill Foundation now, and 30 years ago, when the Foundation was established," he said. "Unfortunately, those dollars aren't going to be eligible for granting in 2024aAs a result of our granting procedures. We set our threshold in the Fall, and that determines our dollars available for the following year, so those dollars will only be available in 2025."

The Altona Community Foundation received the donation in December 2023.

You can listen to CFAM Radio 950 Morning Show Host Chris Sumner's conversation with Haydon Friesen, below.