Update Sunday, May 26th at 4:49pm - The R.M. of Stanley has now reopened all roads roads previously closed due excessive moisture and runoff from Friday's major rainfall event. Based on PembinaValleyOnline Rainwatcher reports, anywhere between 75 and nearly 110mm fell on the area in less than 24 hours. 

In the latest update provided by the municipality around 1:25 p.m. Sunday, all roads had been reopened with hazards marked accordingly..

Officials have indicated repairs will begin as soon as possible, most likely early next week as things dry up.

Meanwhile, officials in the Municipality of Rhineland are also assessing the situation Saturday, with the main area of focus currently the southwest corner of the region in the Rosengart and Schoenwiese area. The creeks in the area are running essentially full, so crews are placing caution signs and opening "water over road signs" where needed, just in case the runoff does go over the spillways.

Meanwhile, Altona was spared the heaviest rainfall on Friday. According to officials, the town's lift station pump hours were doubled, but there were no issues in operations. Like other communities in the area, the situation will be monitored throughout the day.

The below photo gallery was taken Saturday morning at points in the Altona, Gretna and Municipality of Rhineland area.