Sunflower growers in Manitoba are preparing for harvest.

Ben Friesen, with Scoular Canada, gave us an update.

"It's getting into that really critical stage for them and right now most of the sunflowers are in the R8 stage," he said. "The back of the heads are starting to turn yellow definitely. They're definitely not quite physiologically mature. We're hoping to get some bigger seed size and a little bit more bushel weight out of them right now. They did get enough moisture already a week or so ago."

Friesen says farmers are looking for sunshine and dry air going forward, although rain seems to be in the forecast for much of the week. He adds frost is not a concern for sunflowers, which are able to handle temperatures right around or just below freezing.

Desiccation will get underway shortly, with harvest expected to start early in October.

Friesen says there was a lot of spraying for lygus bug this year, noting farmers also noticed some stalk rot as well. Head rot did not seem to be a major issue this year.