Harold Hamm and Cornie Quiring joined The Eagle 93.5 and Country 88.9 Morning Shows to talk about their fundraising supper happening on Thursday, April 4th at the Pembina Thresherman's Museum.

The supper will be supporting Hands Canada and the work they're doing in the Congo where they run a grade 1-9 school. This school has over 300 students.

Hands Canada was started in Winkler in 2016 by a group of neighbors, Hamm says they've already made quite an impact in the Congo.

"Eight years ago there was nothing there, there was no hope, there were no jobs. So I think it’s opened up a whole new world for kids. They’re going to school, that’s their life. But I think it’s opened up a whole new world for the parents. There’s hope for their kids that they can improve and they can do better than what they (the parents) did."

Along with the school, Quiring talked about the other programs they are funding.

"The people are actually supposed to pay tuition for their students, but can't always do it because they don't always have jobs. So because there are not always jobs we rented a 5-acre piece of property and we have that as a community garden where they grow beans and corn. The people who work in the garden, who are parents of our students, get paid with beans and corn so that they have food to eat there for their family, those are two very important ingredients in their diet. And then we also started a pig program, where we bought 77 pigs and gave them to seven different individuals. And those individuals now have to feed that pig, raise it, and if it reproduces, then half of the weanlings go back to the school. Half of the weanlings they can keep and raise more money for their own family. And then those that we get back we give them to other people so more people get involved."

Learn more about Hands Canada and their fundraising supper here.