Harvest progress sits at 64% complete across the province, according to the latest crop report issued by Manitoba Agriculture. This, noted the report, is ahead of the 5-year average of 54%.

Harvest continues in spring cereal crops, with barley at 95% complete, oats at 95% complete and spring wheat at 93% complete. Overall, cereal crops remain in fair to mostly good condition.

Jason Thiessen and his family farm in the Schoenwiese area. This year they put in some wheat, millet, canola, corn and sunflowers.

"I would say average. That's probably the best way to put it," he said when asked how the crop was looking as it came off the field. "There's some good spots and then spots that are not so good, but we're thankful. We're very blessed."

At the Sabourin farm, located across the Red River and east of St. Jean, they've been harvesting since the second week of August. 
Eric Sabourin, along with his younger brothers Dominic & Cristian and their father, Hubert, farm 6,800 acres of land.

"It looks a lot better than we thought it was going to because in our area we didn't have much rain," he admitted. "We've got some land twenty miles south of here and twenty miles of east, so we've got little pockets where it looks really good. But we're really happy with what we're seeing."

He figures they'll be done harvest in the next month or so, noting the corn are sunflowers are ahead of schedule. 

Click here for the full Manitoba Agriculture crop report for September 19th.

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