Jordan Janzen, Larry Abrams and Tyson Unrau are back on stage this weekend with "A Colorful Christmas Tour" kicking off Saturday night at the P.W. Enns Centennial Concert Hall in Winkler, before heading west for several Alberta dates. Janzen noted they've been doing this style of concert, locally, for a number of years, with last year the first when a cross Canada tour was involved.

"It's going to be a great night of familiar Christmas music," shared Janzen. "I say that, because we've done Christmas concerts in the past where it's been maybe, like, 30% Christmas music and people were not happy, so we've changed it. It's a Christmas show, and it's going to be a fun night. We're really excited about it. It's going to have The Color feel, which is high energy, fun and hopeful."

Abrams is looking forward to the excitement they get to share during the show, alongside the high energy music they have planned.

"It's just a really fun set, and Christmas is way more relatable than any other music out there," he said. "I'm most excited just to get out there, get festive and have a good party up there."

The concerts will include the debut of the group's new, original song called "This Christmas".

"We wrote the song in September in preparation for the Christmas season, and really just out of a place of recognizing not every person enjoys this season, sometimes it can be difficult," Janzen explained "It's an annual thing that happens that reminds you of things lost, or regrets or hurt or pain. For us, as a band who believes in the Gospel and the reason for the season is Christ coming to this Earth, we believe there's hope that could be shared, and we want to be that presence, that light, that hope in this season, so that people who need to be encouraged can be uplifted."

The concerts in Winkler tonight and Winnipeg's Bethel Community Church Sunday will be some of the first times the group has performed the new song live on stage, something Abrams is looking forward to.

"Going from the record to a live feel, it's always a really fun process."

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