Just in time for Christmas, we are receiving a present, from the Heavens -- a "Christmas Star". You may have already heard of this special star, called "The Great Conjunction of 2020", however, it isn't a star at all -- it's two planets in our Solar System, lining up to create one bright light.

Darren Enns has garnered the title of the Pembina Valley's space enthusiast, joining us on the Morning Show with all the details. 

So what does "Great Conjunction" mean?

 What's our window of opportunity to actually SEE this?

Thank you Darren! On Dec. 21st, the planets Jupiter and Saturn will appear so close together that they will almost look like one point of light to the unaided eye. The two planets will be just above the horizon, and will set a few hours after the Sun.So, be quick after the sun sets to go outside and look at the western sky, just above the horizon. Get a clear view -- and as Darren says, do it before 7pm, when those planets will set as well.