Cereal harvest is complete in Southcentral Manitoba, and yields are average to above for the most part.

This week’s Manitoba Agriculture crop report states canola harvest is nearly complete, with 5-10% of fields remaining.

Flax harvest is winding down, with an estimated 15-20% of acres still to be combined.

Peas in the Somerset and Pilot Mound areas are combined, and have yielded 40-50bu/ac.

Soybeans have started as well with yields ranging from 25-40 bushels per acre.

Potato harvest is going well and yields of 280 hundred weights per acre have been reported.

Corn silage is progressing with early fields ranging from 8-10 tonnes per acre, but yields are increasing as the better fields are now being processed.

Sunflower fields are being desiccated and yields are expected to be good.