Rainfall last week was welcomed in Southcentral Manitoba, especially by sunflower, soybean, and corn growers.

Harvest progress is most advanced in the eastern part of the region as well as the Carberry/Portage area, with up to 75 to 100% of cereals harvested.

Western areas report 25 to 50% of wheat harvested.

Overall wheat yields  ranges from 20 to 70 bushels per acre, barley 65 to 100, and oats 60 to 120.

Swathing of canola continues, and as much as 40% is harvested in some areas with yields ranging from 10 to 45 bushels per acre.

Flax fields are maturing quickly and early yield reports from drought stricken areas are between 12 and 15 bushels per acre.

The sunflower crop generally looks very good, and harvest will be early.

Potatoes are bulking up and some early harvest has begun in the Carberry and Winkler districts.