A southern Manitoba water management company is applauding changes made to the province's drainage regulations.

The goal is to reduce unnecessary red tape and to streamline the approval process for lower-risk, lower impact drainage and water-retention works.

Garnet Peters is the general manager of Precision Land Solutions (PLS).

"They actually went online which we are very thankful for," he said. "[We] really commend them on the steps they've taken to achieve this. It's really going to streamline our business and make some of the processes faster and also the turnaround times for our clients to know where some of their projects are at."

Peters notes the changes will make their job easier, which will benefit farmers during this wet harvest.

"Our customers have had a challenging harvest both in the cereals and the potatoes and we're definitely seeing a benefit for the guys that had tiled ground on their crops and I know a few of the customers have commented quite a bit on the potato harvest and the fact that they're actually able to harvest on the potato ground and pull those potatoes off with tile underneath."

He added this about the benefit of tile drainage.

"They're [the fields] a lot more manageable, you control the water table," said Peters. "They're definitely a lot better to work with as long as you got your surface drains under control that also helps. Definitely the tile ground is performing better."