The Back 40 Folk Festival, an annual event celebrated for its vibrant atmosphere and musical heritage, faced a challenge this year when rain clouds gathered Sunday afternoon. 

“Leading up to the event, it's a lot of planning, logistics and trying to set the stage for the best event we can, but now that everything's up and running, the reward is getting to play, and be a part of it, I'm greatly looking forward to playing,” said Scott Bell, Festival Chair, and Link and the Moustaches Band Member.

Despite the less-than-ideal weather for part of the day, the festival's spirit stayed unbroken. Attendees, unbothered by the downpour, found shelter in the large beer garden tent, as the festival paused to wait out the heavy rain.

The rain might have dampened the grounds, but it did nothing to lower the enthusiasm of the attendees. The tent, typically a place for casual mingling and refreshment, transformed into the heart of the festival. 

“I love it [the musical line up] because it's a lot of local people doing things here. They're taking part in Back Forty events like coffee houses and fundraisers. They're all just top level musicians, it's great to have local people like that b4 involved,” said Steve Dueck, Back Forty Board Member, Events Coordinator, and Link and the Moustaches Band Member.

The festival also featured a variety of vendors and family-friendly activities, which added to its charm. Stalls offering handmade crafts, local treats, and artisanal goods lined the grounds, contributing to the festival's atmosphere. 

Families enjoyed activities such as face painting, children’s faces decorated with colourful designs, and the ever-popular bubble play area, where kids entertained themselves by chasing and popping bubbles. Even in the rain, children had a blast with their umbrellas and ponchos, running around and playing.

“I love being here… I love bringing the kids, it's really very family friendly, and just great that they can have access to the kids tent and just the open field run around… it feels like a safe a safe spot to bring them,” said attendee Kristen Von Riesen.

The Back Forty Folk Festival’s ability to thrive despite the weather is a tribute to the passion of the community. As the rain eventually cleared, the grounds came alive again, but the memories of that rainy day will last.