Picture of Ebenezer Home in Altona

Ebenezer Home in Altona held a visioning event on the weekend to determine the needs of residents 20 years into the future.   
About 55 people representing stakeholders from Altona and area participated in the discussion.
Board Chair David Wiebe says the baby boomers will soon be utilizing the facility, and their expectation for services will be higher than what is currently offered in the seniors apartments.
Wiebe says the building still has a lot of life left, and could be renovated and expanded if necessary.
Some of the services at Ebenezer that were listed as a high priority by the group included transportation, improved bathing facilities, and a supportive living program.
Wiebe says it will now be up to the board to act on some of the recommendations that came from  the process.

- Wednesday, April 21, 2010 -