Saturday is the last day for registration of Christmas Hampers in Vita and the Rural Municipality of Stuartburn. 

Sandra Drewniak is with the Vita Christmas Cheer Board, which was formed in 2009. 

“Every year since then, there's been anywhere from 25 to 30 hampers given out,” she says. “There are single people, couples, and families, and single parents, and we try to customize the hampers to the individuals that need them.” 

Drewniak is confident the community will come together with plenty of donations to fill each hamper request. 

Monetary donations and non-perishable food items are being collected right now. 

Drewniak says we all go through seasons where we could use a bit of extra help. And when that happens, people step up and help. 

This is a rewarding project to participate in, she adds. Drewniak joined the cheer board a couple of years ago. 

“It’s really surprising to see how many small communities have programs like this,” she says. “And generally, it seems to me that they’re started up by a few concerned individuals and they do what they can to make the area just a little bit happier.”

Poster for Vita Christmas Cheer Board