The City of Winkler passed a resolution this week approving the final budget for the start of construction of the long-awaited wastewater facility.
Deputy Mayor Andrew Froese says the tender has been awarded to Penn-Co Construction. "We are excited to get that thing started. It's been a long time in the making," stated Froese. 

"Several years ago, we had the initial design done and found out that it was a lot more than our budget was allowing. So we unfortunately had to go back to the drawing board because we just couldn't afford it. So we've been back at that drawing board for quite some time and have had to jump through various hoops to make sure we get this approved through various regulatory bodies and approval steps. But it feels great to be at this stage right now where we are releasing this project, and look forward to seeing where it goes."

The total project cost came in at 56.7 million dollars. Fortunately, Froese says they have the federal and provincial governments at the table with this project and a partnership with the R.M of Stanley.
Thanks to those partnerships, the city's portion of the 56.7 million dollar project will be reduced to around $13.5 million.

"We don't need to burden our taxpayers with a very big number. This is a significant number, but the overall project that needs to happen for us to grow costs quite a bit. So it's nice that we were able to find partners for this project."

The next step is to begin working with the Water Services Board and Penn-Co to develop their project plan.

"A full mechanical treatment facility was our initial plan, and we've since changed it to a SAGR system which also requires additional land space for more water storage. So this system takes up a little more land." Froese says they were fortunate to purchase land right beside their existing lagoon to make this happen." 

This is a big project, Which Froese added will span over a couple of years until it is complete.