Winkler City Council is just days away from approving a tender for its water treatment plant expansion. Mayor Henry Siemens confirmed the news during his State of the City address delivered at the Winkler & District Chamber Commerce annual meeting Thursday afternoon. 

The tendering period closed this past Wednesday, and Siemens says staff are reviewing things to make sure the low tender meets all of the requirements. 

"We're hoping that we'll be able to announce and award it as early as Tuesday's Council meeting, assuming everything makes sense, and there aren't questions we have to dig into a little deeper."

Currently, the City's water treatment plant can treat up to 42 litres of water per second. Once the expansion is completed, it will be capable of treating up to 113 litres of water per second.

"This will help to provide Winkler's water needs to a population of 25,000 people," noted Siemens. "Everything that we're building now is to build it toward that sustainability, and making sure Winkler can continue to grow and provide the services the community wants and needs. This project, when we award it and when it's constructed, will help bring Winkler to that population."

The project is budgeted around $14 million.

With files from Pam Fedack