The City of Winkler has completed the first step in a new initiative to generate additional revenue. When looking for ways to help keep city taxes reasonable, Mayor Henry Siemens says council recognized Winkler has many assets that have value to advertisers.

After working with a sponsorship specialist, council has developed an official advertising and naming rights policy for the City of Winkler.

Together with the sponsorship expert, Siemens says they combed through everything, That included a full evaluation of anything they could potentially put advertising on, and determine how much it would be worth.

Siemens shared, that the first thing to do, was to determine whether placing advertising on some of "these things" was something they were sure they wanted to do.

 "If so, what do we want to place advertising on, and what value does that have?"

"Then to put that strategy into place, that as we go out, we wanted to make sure that the advertiser received fair value, and the city received fair value."  

Siemens said the city is already aware of some possibilities. "We have several pieces now we think potentially could be out there We're going to take the next step now to find out how we're going to be able to generate that, and how we're going to provide value to the community, value to the city, and value to the advertiser."

Siemens says the goal is for the initiative to generate half a million a year in additional revenue for the city - money they will not need to go to the local taxpayers for.