Through fundraising and donations, the Youth In Philanthropy program at Winkler Elementary School was able to raise over $500 which the Winkler Community Foundation then matched.

Libby Penner and Callie Penner were a part of the program and told us more about how they raised the money and where it's going.

Jason Grant, the teacher who ran the program, had this to say about the students, "The group was awesome, we had a lot of really excited and generous kids that really worked hard and they were really excited to be part of YIP and to give back to the community"

Don and Sharon Dueck accepted the cheque for Special Olympics which will go towards new summer activity equipment. Sharon said, "We're starting off with bocce and when we hauled out our equipment we realized our bocce equipment needs some replacements so we are ordering six sets of new bocce balls."

Libby and Callie accepting cheque on behalf of Genesis House