Picture this scene, driving your custom, bright yellow, 1949 Ford F1 pick-up truck down Main Street (valued at $45,000, by the way) during a lazy weekend afternoon, catching glimpses and waves from your neighbours and friends as you proudly take it for a spin, and the entire time not only enjoying that ride, but doing it knowing you also helped grow the ministry of Children's Camps International (CCI).

The organization is currently hosting a fundraising sweepstakes with exactly that as the grand prize, as well as an Aluma 8220H Utility Tilt Trailer and three $500 cash prizes.

Children’s Camps International (CCI) works to help change the lives of children in developing nations through the powerful experience of camp. The organization currently operates in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and South America. What started in 2003 with just over 500 children attending camp has grown to where over 4 million children have attended a camp and were discipled at weekly follow up programs. Annually, more than 500,000 kids attend a CCI camp, with even more attending the weekly follow-up programs.

Building relationships, training leaders and sharing a message of hope are the foundation of the CCI camp program. Through this life changing opportunity of attending camp, communities and nations are being transformed! One child at a time.

All funds raised by the sweepstakes will be invested by CCI into the lives of children around the globe. Your passion for an old experience of driving that vintage Ford F1 makes a way for the promise of a new experience.

interior of custom vintage pick up truck

Now let's talk about that grand prize, the custom 1949 Ford F1 pickup truck. Beneath the hood is a 327 Corvette 500 horsepower engine, one mated to a 4-speed manual transmission that helps the F1 handle the demands of modern traffic. The yellow exterior features wood slats in the truck bed, and the truck rolls on chrome wheels shod with Goodyear Wrangler HT tires. This F1 has an attractive brown interior with a 100 MPH speedometer.

The first-generation F-Series—also known as the Bonus-Built—was introduced for the 1948 model year. There were eight different chassis for the F-Series, with the F1 being the lightest capacity and the F8 being the heavy-duty commercial version. The F-Series holds the distinction of being the longest continuous single car or truck line ever produced by Ford at 60-plus years and counting. The F1 was quite popular for its robust construction, impressive reliability and ease-of-service. It was also notable that Ford was the only manufacturer of light-duty trucks offering V-8 power until 1954.

And as for that second prize, the Aluma 8220H Utility Tilt Trailer worth $20,000, its bed is 81" x 244" with 15" tires.

Tickets are one for $20; Three for $50; seven for $100 and one hundred entries for $1,000. Keep in mind all proceeds from the sweepstakes go to sending children to camp. With the use of volunteers, local churches contributions, and economies of scale, the cost to send a child to camp is still only $5.

Get your tickets online by clicking here.

Also, keep your eye out for the 1949 Ford F1 pickup truck in the Winkler Harvest Festival parade Saturday morning (August 12th) and the Harvest Festival Car Show Sunday afternoon (August 13th).

custom vintage yellow truck

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