UPDATE - Saturday, May 25th at 8:10 a.m. -  All events slated to take place at Deadhorse Creek Speedway this weekend have been cancelled. The McNaught Cadillac Cup has been rescheduled tp next weekend, June 1 & 2nd. Further details will be provided as we move forward. All tickets remain valid.


UPDATE: Friday's waves of rainfall could impact Saturday's races. The speedway released the following statement Friday morning:

We are closely monitoring the weather and will keep you updated as we go. The facility is in excellent condition and can handle rain, but we will need drying conditions to get the shows in. We will provide an update at 5pm today with a final call before 10am tomorrow whether or not Saturday’s race will go

After a successful first racing season last year, Dead Horse Creek Speedway is ready to put the pedal to the metal this summer. The McNaught Cadillac Cup will kick off the season on May 25th and 26th.

Chris Unrau joined the Morning Show and talked about the debut of the speedway last year, saying, "Last February we had this vision for taking this facility and just really turning it up a notch and we carried out a lot of improvements last year. We resurfaced the track with a fresh layer of clay, we did a whole bunch of things to really spruce it up and get it to where we wanted it to go. It was a phenomenal year, hugely successful. We packed the house both times at two weekends last year."

After a great response from the community last year, Deadhorse Creek Speedway will host three events over the next four months: the McNaught Cadillac Cup this weekend, followed by the GVE Deere Run on July 5th and 6th, and the King of the Corn on August 23rd and 24th.

For the first time, they are bringing in the Northern Late Model Racing Association (NLRA) to the speedway. Unrau talked about what that means, "The NRLA is a touring series comprised of racers from throughout the region, Manitoba, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and South Dakota a little bit. These are guys that are running 800-900 horsepower, huge cars that are just the fastest on the track. They've got big tires, put lots of rubber down and they move around that track extremely fast."

With a rainfall warning in the forecast and the possibility of 50mm of rain, work is being done to ensure the races can happen over the weekend. Unrau says that while they are set up for success in many ways, they still have no control over the rain. He mentioned that one positive factor is that Deadhorse Creek has good drainage in place.

"We're kind of on the top of the hill, the rain hits and everything kind of runs down and away from us. So that's a good thing. We're built on top of sand and gravel, which drains pretty well. So that's also a good thing."

During the offseason, they've planned and added some new features to the track for this year, including a large LED screen that will display information and stats on the drivers. They've also added the LMS Ag leaderboard, where spectators can keep track of remaining laps and who's in the lead. Unrau was also excited about fans now being able to livestream the races, "If you can't make it to the race, you're in the campground and you've got good Internet and you just want to sit by the fire and watch some racing. You can log on to watchfye.tv and buy a pass to watch the race online. So lots of cool options that are new for this year and we're super thrilled to be able to bring that all."

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