Cut out the middleman, and work one-on-one with your technician that works on your farm equipment. That approach is at the heart of Midnight Harvest owned and operated by Dominic Jaworenko.

Midnight Harvest is an agricultural equipment repair service that will work on any manufacturer. They focus on combine harvesters, with Lexion their specialty. However, with joint experience, they have 25 years experience on New Holland Equipment, too.

"My background as an agricultural technician started when I was 13 washing combines that I spent up to 16 hours washing," said Jaworenko. "As much as I loved seeing the finished project of a well-done wash, I knew mechanics was of interest. From then on I worked full time, taking government correspondence, so I could work full time and get ahead."

Jaworenko earned his Red Seal accreditation by 21, and joined a team of Red Seal road technicians in his early years in the profession. However soon realized in order to grow as much as he wanted as an individual he needed to start his own company. 

"What I enjoy the best about working on equipment is the challenge," he shared. "As I learned from my father, you don’t walk away from a problem. Seeing something not work, and making it functional again is a good feeling, and being paid for that is the cherry on top!"

Combine inspections and overhauls are just two of the key areas Midnight Harvest focuses on.

"This company is about being of absolute value to the customer, and listening to what they want, with a fair exchange of value in return," stated Jaworenko.

Getting back to their approach of cutting out the middleman, he noted it saves farmers time, the most precious resource that we have, and also money, potentially up to 30% based on Midnight Harvest's current pricing.

"We have a support network, dealer specialty tools and technology and insurance," he said.

Another calling card of the new business is the fact it has no weekend call out fees or overtime fees.

"We have no weekend call out fees or OT fees, because I make enough money to support my team, lifestyle and business," Jaworenko explained. "I would like to emphasize I’m paying my new team, which is growing fast, above industry standards, and still able to operate a successful business."

That business is continuing to grow, with Midnight Harvest looking to expand its client base to include additional farmers, and now, construction equipment operators.

"The new customer base we’re looking to bring in is construction equipment in the area," he noted. "We have a shop, now, and I want it full all winter. We work on any type of construction equipment, and as explained before, we’re not scared of anything. The market is about word of mouth quality. I want to bring in a different customer base to help expand quicker to help the current base. It all goes hand and hand."

You can reach Dominic Jaworenko and Midnight Harvest at 431-774-1283 or email . You can also find Midnight Harvest online.