Update: Due to uncooperative weather on July 1, the Canada Day Morden Beach Blast has been moved to August 4.

beach blast


Those in search of fun events for August long weekend are in for a treat. 

Canada Day Beach Blast 2024 will take place in Morden at Lake Minnewasta on August 4.

Chris Moffatt, the Director of Community Services for Morden (who has also taken the role of Event Coordinator for Canada Day this year), highlights some of the scheduled activities at the Canada Day celebration that has become a fixture in the Pembina Valley. 

Moffatt says that the schedule of events begins at 1pm.  

For those who appreciate masterpieces — sandy ones — there will be a sandcastle building competition at 1. Moffatt says that the contest, which is always a well-received event at Beach Blast, tends to bring out the “competitive” spirit of its talented participants. 

Returning from last year, Moffatt says that Hoop & Hat will put on their Comedy & Fire show, a highly entertaining performance geared mainly to children, at 2.  

“[Hoop & Hat] interacts with the kids, and they’re fantastic,” says Moffatt.  

Beach Blast will also have face painting, trivia, a treasure hunt, and food trucks through the day. The beach setting of the event creates a summery atmosphere that attracts participants from Morden and beyond.  

“It's super casual,” says Moffatt. “Everyone is on the long weekend usually, and they just want to hang out, and the kids love it. We have the beach right there; they can swim, they can do whatever. Then next thing you know, they look like a cat from the face painting.” 

Beach goers at Lake Minnewasta

Following the afternoon’s events, dignitaries will give their greetings beginning at 7:50. After that at 8, The M’Ladies, a band that calls Southern Manitoba home, will take the stage for everyone to enjoy.   

“We're quite excited about it. I know some of those guys, and they put on a great show all the time,” says Moffatt. “It'll just bring everyone together.” 

The grand finale of the night is a dazzling firework display over the lake, which is especially picturesque since the display is reflected in the water. Moffatt has been attending fireworks at Lake Minnewasta since he was a child.  

"I remember going as a kid and you walk up the community path, and you just want to find a spot anywhere, because it's fireworks — everyone loves fireworks. It doesn’t matter if you're 5 or 55, you just love it.” 

Moffatt’s wish for the Beach Blast is that everyone has a pleasant experience.  

“I just hope that everyone enjoys it as much as I have [enjoyed] plann[ing] it. It's been a lot of work, but it's been fun, and I hope everyone . . . has a great summer after that.” 

Canada Day Beach Blast 2024 is surely the place to be in Morden on July 1st. 

“It's never a dull moment.” 

For the full schedule of events, see the webpage linked below.