The low pressure system which began impacting the region yesterday continues to pull eastward out of the region, with breezy conditions expected to last much of the day.

According to Manitoba Transportation all highways throughout the Pembina and Red River Valleys remain partly snow covered, snow packed and/or ice covered with visibility much improved since the early morning hours.

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"It will be difficult to say, for sure, how much snow we received due to the initial melting Friday followed by the gusty winds blowing a lot of it around into drifts," explained CMOS Accredited Weathercaster Chris Sumner. "With that said, it does appear, in sheltered areas, our region landed in that 5 to 10 cm range, more than likely closer to 10cm, with some of it melting and drifting."

According to a preliminary report released by Environment Canada this morning, the following snowfall totals were observed through its reporting network:

Pilot Mound: 13

McCreary/Wasagaming: 11

Dauphin: 10

Deerwood/Winnipeg: 6

Morden/Brandon: 4

Melita: 3

Cloudy conditions are forecast for Saturday, with gusty northwesterly winds of 50 up to 70 km/h expected to persist throughout the day.

The following wind gust readings are courtesy Environment Canada, and are through 8 a.m. December 9th

Gretna – gust to 74 km/h

Emerson – gust to 72 km/h

Pilot Mound – gust to 66km/h

Brandon/Melita – gust to 64km/h

Carman – gust to 61 km/h

Winnipeg (airport) – gust to 60km/h

Steinbach – gust to 59 km/h

Morden – gust 57 km/h

"As the low pulls eastward, the wind will subside this evening as high pressure builds in behind it," he added. "A trough is developing over the Prairies, meaning the Jet Stream will be well to our south, allowing for much cooler air than we've had recently to descend into the region, following the passage of today's cold front. That will mean a return to seasonal temperatures for the next few days, meaning daytime highs in the -6 to -8 range."

The average high for this point in December is -9, with the overnight low -18.

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"There are signs we could see temperatures push back toward 0 to +2 mid-week as upper level ridging returns to the region, and a warmer airmass moves in," Sumner added. "What does that mean for the snow we've received, and the possibility of a white Christmas? Certainly some would melt, but more than likely not all of it. At this point, it appears a white-ish Christmas is possible, but that will hinge on just how many more days of melting temperatures and sunny conditions we see before December 25th."

Looking northbound, our of Morris, along Highway 75Looking northbound, our of Morris, along Highway 75, around 8:15 a.m.

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