A person from Rosenfeld and another from Friedensruh have been charged with illegal fishing activities along the Whitemud River. 

The pair were charged during a 4-day enforcement blitz by Manitoba Conservation officers at the end of April near Westbourne. In total, the blitz resulted in five people from different locations being charged.
Officers seized a total of six Walleye, and released the fish back into the river while seizing three Northern Pikes as evidence. 
In all, fines and restitution charges totaled $1,313.

Additionally, a person from Roseisle has been fined just over $3,400 by Manitoba Conservation. 
The department explained its Portage office got a tip through the Turn in Poachers call line on May 1st. The caller reported someone dip-netting Walleye along the Whitemud River at Perry Park near Westbourne. 
As a result, Conservation officers seized 53 Walleye and one Northern Pike, along with two dip-nets.