Attention to detail, quality craftmanship and a strong work ethic are the hallmarks of South Creek Custom Welding located near Plum Coulee.

"I started South Creek Custom Welding, because I’d been building stuff in my garage in my spare time, and demand for my products got pretty high, so I decided to take the plunge and go for it," explained owner Pete Giesbrecht.

His interest in welding began at an early age, with Giesbrecht's grandfather teaching him how to weld. 

"He was a welder by trade, and it progressed from there," Giesbrecht welded for years in factories, after that. "I enjoy seeing it all come together into the finished product, and seeing our customers satisfaction, and them getting use out of the product."

South Creek Custom Welding specializes in custom tractor attachments, but is more than willing to work with its customers to fabricate whatever welding projects or repairs they might need.

"Our primary focus is building and repairing farm implements, and we’ve recently started the venture of renting out lawn and garden equipment that isn’t commonly available for rent," noted Giesbrecht. "We’ve had a lot of people come in with visions for custom projects they need, and we’re very willing and excited to work together with our customers to get those projects made to their exact specifications, so that everyone goes home happy."

a custom built firepit BBQAn example of the custom built projects they do, a fire pit BBQ.

Whether it's a custom project or tractor attachment, attention to detail is a crucial part of South Creek Custom Welding's approach and commitment.

"Attention to detail is a necessity in this line of work," stressed Giesbrecht. "Since we make a lot of farm implements, and do a lot of repairs, we need to be as accurate as possible to make sure everything fits, runs, and looks as best as possible. We also stay detail oriented to maintain the quality of our work, keep our customers happy, and to prevent future repairs."

The business also offers mobile welding, a relatively new addition.

"With mobile welding, we can do aluminum, stainless steel and mild steel, so it really expands our range of what we’re able to offer customers, and provide options so everyone can be helped," he said. "It also enables us to meet our customers where they are, because with mobile welding we can go pretty much anywhere that four wheels can go."

And the expansion of services continues to grow, with South Creek Custom Welding also now offering aluminum welding.

"We’ve had numerous people ask about it, and it makes more repairs and fabrication possible, again, expanding our range of services," added Giesbrecht."

South Creek Custom Welding is open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. You can reach them at 204-384-8620, or email . Call them today for a complimentary quote, or to inquire about equipment rentals.

Pete invites you to join him for an open house Friday, September 15th from 9am to 11am to celebrate one year in business. You can find the shop on Highway 14, yard marker 12101. Coffee and doughnuts will be available, with a free draw for a Milwaukee radio and charger.

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