A show of support took place on Sunday at the Winkler Bible Camp for the first Cruz for Kids event, where several cars travelled around Manitoba for Sunday morning before coming back to a car show at the camp to raise money to send kids to camp next year. 

Organizer of the event Chomper (Bob) Giesbrecht explained where the idea came from. 

"I came up with an idea in June and I approached Dale Wiebe from the (Winkler) Bible Camp (WBC) and I told him my idea about Cruising for Kids and it was for kids and the parents that can't afford to send their kids to camp. So, he said that would be a great idea. We did that this Sunday. I put together a crew, it was not me, it was Bernie and Debbie Loewen, Brad and Sharon Hildebrand and the Bible camp crew, Tammy and Steve." 

A circle of people

From the camp, a small portion of Hot Rod enthusiasts ate breakfast at the camp before heading out on a road trip. Cruising to Hwy 59, up to Lockport, visited a vintage shop in Headingly, then moved on to Starbuck before returning to WBC. There Chomper greeted the crew with a car show and BBQ from 4-6:30.  

"It was well attended. We raised funds a couple of weeks before and we went to sponsors and asked them to sponsor this good cause. Then the car just would carry it through, which they did very well. And in total, not officially, we've raised $6500." 

A couple of vehicles

Giesbrecht said funds are still coming in at this point, but he was pleased with the show of support raised with only a couple months to plan the event. 

Attendees of the event had good things to say about the camp.  

"When we were in there, everybody commented, 'What a gorgeous place.' They just had a big gathering of campers in there till Saturday. So, it was empty for us on Sunday. They asked us to come back. They (WBC) were just shocked. It was a great cause." 

Giesbrecht said they are looking for the event to grow bigger next year, drawing in more cars, support and those who attend the event. 

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A couple of vehicles