The annual Pembina Valley Honey Garlic and Maple Syrup Festival was a big hit this past weekend in Manitou.
Reporter Robyn Wiebe spent the day checking out the festivities, and caught up with event Chairperson, Juanita Cobb,

"We had the largest numbers ever for breakfast, and our final two through the line came from Fargo, ND," said Cobb. "They'd never been to Canada before, so that's always super fun." 

Cobb says they had a lot going on throughout the community with historical town tours that led folks to the Nellie houses, and a farmer's market beyond that.

Live indoor music, a crafter's market, and a car show were some of the other activities that kept the streets of Manitou bustling throughout the day. In addition to the breakfast, Cobb says supper was prepared and served to around 450 people.


"We have a really great community, It takes a lot of people to make this happen," added Cobb. "We start setting up about two weeks before and a lot of kids come and help move chairs. We need lots of in-betweens doing the tables, we have young and old guys, I had somebody over 80 come to load tables and chairs."

Cobb says Manitou is a small town where everyone pulls together. She notes they have many kids in the community and a lot of dedicated parents who like to see their kids volunteer and show that the community can stay vital.

- With files from Robyn Wiebe -

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