The weather has been THE topic of the week, that’s for sure, especially Wednesday when highs reached toward double digits. CMOS Accredited Weathercaster Chris Sumner was at Ecole West Park School in Altona yesterday, presenting to about sixty Grade 5 students about all things weather and climate. 

They have been spending a lot time learning about climate change in class, and also some of the every day weather things happening outside our windows. Ben, Milla and Charlotte stuck around after Chris wrapped up to chat with him.

"We'vr bern learning about the water cycle, and how it does all that stuff," shared Milla.

"Learning in class that climate is over a long period of time," explained Charlotte.

"Weather and climate, and that the weather has been different than normal right now," noted Ben pointing to the record setting temperatures this week.

During Sumner's presentations he talks about the difference between weather and climate, Low and High pressure systems, warm and cold fronts and a variety of other topics. He also takes as many questions as he can from students. Yesterday's included why do hurricanes form over warm water, what's faster cold fronts or warm fronts and what is a cloud gun?

"I liked watching the videos, and seeing what could possibly happen," said Milla about her favourite part of the presentation, the severe weather videos PembinaValleyOnline has published over the past several  years. "It was cool, and I already know to take the warnings very seriously, but now I'm just like wow!"

"If there's a lightning storm, you have to stay indoors, and if you have a basement, you should really go down there," noted Charlotte after Sumner showed a video he shot in Altona when a lightning strike occurred close to his home.

And just like a lot of you, how warm it's been was a big topic of discussion with each of the students sharing a thought on the unusual temperatures.

"I really love it, but I feel like it's not the best for the plants, because they need more snow, so it's more moist," noted Milla.

"I think it's good, but at the same time, I don't really like it, because I like summer and winter," said Charlotte.

And we think Ben summed it up best, "This weather, it's too slushy and disgusting!" 

A sentiment we're sure that’s shared by parents everywhere, especially those dealing with the muddy floors, wet ski-pants and completely soaked winter boot inserts!

You can listen to Chris's conversation with Ben, Miilla and Charlotte, below.