Golden Prairie Arts Council in Carman.


If you want to make a quilt, play the guitar, or paint with watercolours, the Golden Prairie Arts Council is the place to visit this winter. Arts Council Coordinator Jane MacDonald, says kids are also a big part of their programs. MacDonald explains during the Saturday morning Arts For Kids sessions, students have the chance to try drawing, painting, and sculptural projects.  She tells us children are great to work with.

The Golden Prairie Arts Council has toyed with the idea of holding an exhibition of purely children's art, and will likely develop that in the future.

MacDonald points out that 4 week sessions work well because they allow kids to have fun, get a taste of something new, and then move on. She notes this session begins November 13th and GPAC will run more Arts For Kids session in spring. The classes are aimed at children ages 6 to 12 and for more information you can visit