A struggling business, a missing cookie recipe and a handsome local baker. 

It's the perfect recipe for Hallmark Channel's newest holiday offering, A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe, coming out in November.

And once again, Hallmark decided that the town of Carman provided the perfect setting.

"We had the film crew here from Hallmark Movies! They made another Christmas movie in town, so we had Christmas in September!", said Suzy Keck, owner of Crazy Lady's Cafeteria. She was thrilled that her eatery will appear in the film. 

"They pulled out fake snow - what we really need, you know? And we had huge Christmas ornaments, a lot of Christmas trees, straw bales and they built up a little bit of a Christmas market and it looked so neat. I mean, it's a film set, you know? It was beautiful. Love it."

Keck says only the exterior of her restaurant will show up in this, Hallmark's third Christmas movie to be filmed in Carman.

"It's the second time this year, and it's the third Christmas movie in general. The very first one was the Hallmark movie, Project Christmas Wish (2020). The second one was, A Christmas Disconnect (2022). Ya, it was shot in June, which was really nice. It was really hot and they had to shoot in their winter clothing. Poor fellas."

With film crew often stopping by to enjoy her food, Keck appreciates how Hallmark crews always support local businesses, despite the fact that viewers will only get to see the exterior of her cafeteria.

In talking to crew members, Keck learned that Hallmark favours Carman for its sets because of the street layout, low volume of traffic and the town's cute homes. 

One day she hopes to land a role as an extra,