The Cargill Curling Training Centre in Morris is attracting top level curling talent from across the province and beyond... way beyond in the case of Team Bain. Yes... like Northwest Territories beyond. Skip - Tyanna Bain, 3rd - Pearl Gillis, 2nd - Mataya Gillis, Lead - Adrianna Hendrick and Coach - Nick Saturnino have been in Morris this week training with the Centre’s Lorne and Chris Hamblin.

Coach Nick told Morning Show Co-Host Chris Sumner the stop in our province is part of a week long training and competition schedule that had them bonspieling in Maple Grove, Alberta last weekend, Morris this week and then bonspieling again in Lacombe, Alberta this coming weekend.

Chris caught up with Nick via phone Wednesday morning, to chat about being a competitive junior women’s curling team in Inuvik.



The thousands of kilometers the team is putting on the plane this week is all about facing other competitive curlers, leading to the 2019 Canada Winter Games in February in Red Deer where the girls will represent Northwest Territories.



Good luck with your bonspiel this weekend in Lacombe, Alberta and thank you for visiting Manitoba!