People of the community who were chosen to represent different demographics feel they played an important role in the recent Garden Valley School Division strategic planning meeting.


One of the students who attended was a senior four student Egor Chochlow.
He says having different representation is the only way to create a school where everyone feels comfortable.
Chochlow comments he was surprised that he was able to be part of something like this even though he is not a Canadian citizen, but is thankful for the chance to voice his opinion.
Connie Bailey attended as the parent representative for Winkler, she also serves as the vice chair of J.R. Walkof Parent Advisory Council.
She was very impressed with the progress the division has made in the last four years and seeing what they plan to do in the future.
Bailey comments something that came across strongly was the way the division is striving for equality among all students.
She says one of the first things they taught them when they arrived was that this seminar was all about reaching a consensus, it was not a voting process.
Bailey says being able to attend this meeting changed her outlook towards the school division.
Bailey and chocklow felt themselves and their opinions were very respected and hope their input has made a difference in the future of Garden Valley School Division.