A new position has been created for the Winkler and District Chamber of Commerce.


Brenda Storey has been hired as the new executive director.
Storey says the chamber board of directors felt the need for a day to day operator of the organization.
Storey has been an active member of the chamber of commerce for the past 5 years.
As the new executive director, she says her vision is to strengthen the business community.
Changes have also been made to the board of directors.
Ken Thomas is the new president, while Deb Penner becomes past president.
Meanwhile, the chamber plans to focus on three R's this year.
Storey says they are to re-brand, re-focus and re-connect the chamber in the City of Winkler.
By re-branding, they are looking at a local focus and a global reach.
To do that they have updated their website.
As part of re-focusing, they are implementing a survey plan with businesses that will help the chamber gather data to make the businesses more successful in the city.
Storey says to re-connect, they are making sure that they have their visibility in the Winkler Community Development Corporation.