Manitoba’s Lieutenant Governor, the Honourable Anita Neville, was part of Morden’s Corn and Apple Festival Friday evening. Over the course of this Summer, she has spent time visiting fairs and festivals across the province. This was her first time visiting Corn and Apple.

"I've certainly heard about it over the years, and I've heard about it from many people in the last few days when I've said I'm coming, and they wanted to come as well, so I am delighted to be here," she shared with reporter Robyn Wiebe. "I've heard that it's fun, the food is good, the people are warm, the people are welcoming, and it's a good sense of community when you come here."

This is the Lieutenant Governor's first summer in the role.

"What I enjoy most is meeting the people, learning about the traditions of the community, learning about the diversity of the province of Manitoba, both of the people, the history, as well as the innovations of different communities," she said. "I was so impressed when I heard about the great immigration initiative coming out of Morden."

Neville also reflected on the importance of keeping small-town festivals and fairs alive, and how integral they are to the Manitoba identity.

"The small town festivals are vital to the revitalization of Manitoba," she explained. "They bring about a sense of community. They bring the history, as I've mentioned before, of the community to the fore. They celebrate the differences. They celebrate the traditions, and as we welcome our immigrants, the traditions are even more varied than they have been 15 to 20 years ago. I think it's a wonderful opportunity for people to get together, fun, warmth and just good cheer. They're wonderful."

You can listen to Robyn Wiebe's conversation with Anita Neville, below.

Kendra Kay performing Friday night at Corn and AppleKendra Kay performing Friday night at Corn and Apple

Earlier this year, we welcomed Kendra Kay to Made in Manitoba on CFAM Radio 950 to celebrate the release of her first full length album “Homegrown Heart”. This past weekend, she was one of the performers at Morden Corn and Apple Festival, taking the stage Friday night. We caught up with her at the concert, and asked her to talk about the energy in the crowd that evening.

- With files from Robyn Wiebe - 

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