With the summer weather here, the Stardust Drive-In is gearing up for another season, and the Eagle 93-5 wants to send you to the opening weekend Sunday Triple Feature.  You could see:

Clash of the Titans

Cop Out

Valentines Day

To win passes to this Triple Feature, join Chuck VanDaele and Chris Sumner each weekday morning at 8:40 to play "The Masters of Movie Mockery!"  They'll re-enact a famous movie scene but with a twist in genre.  How would Die Hard sound acted as a love story? Titanic as a comedy ?  Call in and identify the movie an you're off to the first triple feature of 2010 at the Stardust Drive-in with The Eagle 93.5 FM




Deanna Yorke who identified Lion King done as a "gangster film"

Kristin Thiessen who identified Transformers done as an Opera

Curtis Funk who identified The Notebook done as a "western"

Jake Peters who identified Jerry McGuire done in a "Three Stooges" style