This is Made in Manitoba, as we're welcoming this weekend's guest back to our province for several concerts in about week's time.

Singer-songwriter Matt Epp is coming home for his "Rolling Wave" tour, before heading to Germany for about a month's worth of concert dates in November. September 8th in Erickson at the Good Street Hall, September 9th in Steinbach at the Stone City Fall Bash and September 10th in Winkler at the P.W. Enns Centennial Concert HallYou can get more details, here.

Matt's album "Rolling Wave" is his 13th , and was released earlier this year. We're revisiting that original Made in Manitoba from late April.

The songs that make up Rolling Wave were written by Matt during a self-imposed ‘Song-a-Day’ challenge, with that happening in the basement of his friend Serena Ryder, where he was living at the time. That was followed by time at his friend’s converted rural ‘Art Church’ on the shores of Lake Huron.

Those locations, coupled with the writing that came out of the song a day challenge, led to the music and lyrics which became the album.

As we get set to welcome back home Matt Epp, we're excited to share the encore of his recent Made in Manitoba. Listen to the program, below.

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