Mennonite Collegiate Institute in Gretna

The annual trip to Red Rock Bible Camp is a highlight for many students at MCI. They share about their time away and how the sports teams are doing.

 Nelia Fehr Right - Macie Miller

 Nelia Fehr Right - Macie Miller

2023_10_21_mci_02.jpg Hosts Nelia Fehr and Macie Miller 

Garden Valley Collegiate in Winkler

2023_10_21_gvc.jpg Hosts Alicia and Veronkia

GVC has also had a strong start to their sports season for the year, winning two provincial banners already. Hear more from Co-Presidents Alicia and Veronika.

Northlands Parkway Collegiate in Winkler

With many clubs, groups and teams for students to be a part of at NPC, there's an extra curricular for just about everyone. Gabriel Falk filled us in