The high volume of rainfall continues to overload some local sewer systems, including in the City of Morden. 

As a result, the City is urging all residents to minimize water usage or, if possible, to temporarily cease water use entirely until further notice. This measure, according to the City, is critical to reducing the strain on the sewer infrastructure.

In a social media post, the City noted its dedicated teams are actively working to expedite the return to normal sewer functionality. 

Meantime, residents on the 400 block of 6th Street have been told their water will be turned back on this week. The service was shut off following a water main break. 

The City noted, replacement of the broken section is almost complete. 

If you are not home to have your property's valve turned back on, you will not have water. Contact Bernie Giesbrecht from Bernie's Backhoe Services Ltd to arrange for your water to be turned back on.