On June 1st, the Morden Family Resource Centre hosted the annual Morden Teddy Bear Picnic, transforming the community park into a celebration filled with fun and laughter.

The event, designed to support the Centre's funding efforts, was a success, drawing families and their beloved stuffed animals for a day filled with activities.

"It's a great community event. It's awesome that we have this free event and that they put it on," said Jessie Wilson, who brought her son Grady to the picnic. 

The picnic grounds were filled with excitement as children and their teddy bears participated in a variety of activities. Kids participated in games and stuffed animal activities, creating a joyful atmosphere. 

The event even featured special check-ups for the stuffed animals, where volunteer doctors carefully bandaged any "injuries" and provided glasses for the ones that "needed" vision correction.

"All the kids are great. They're all so happy to be here, it's been fun watching them get their toys checked out, making sure that their toys are healthy and safe," said Connor Wiebe, a volunteer on behalf of Access Credit Union.

One of the highlights of the day was the hotdog lunch. The weather cooperated beautifully, with clear skies and a gentle breeze adding to the picnic's charm.

"It's great to help the community and help the preschool kids by getting them engaged in the community and with the services that Morden provides in the health care sector... with funds from sponsors and by selling the food, we'll be able to keep the free programming continuing," said Chevonne Bell, Morden Family Resource Centre Board Member who works at Boundary Trails Health Centre.

The Morden Teddy Bear Picnic not only offered a memorable experience for families but also contributed to the financial support of the Morden Family Resource Centre. The funds raised during the event will help the Centre continue its valuable work within the community.

Overall, the 2024 Morden Teddy Bear Picnic was a success, showcasing community spirit and the simple pleasures of childhood. As families left with happy hearts and their teddy bears, there was a shared sense of anticipation for next year's picnic, promising another day of fun, furry friends, and unforgettable memories.