By: Jen Cassils


July 7, 2006

The M.S.T.W's proposed development plan was brought before the Municipal Board this week during a public hearing.

R.M of Stanley Reeve Ted Dyck says he was pleased with how it went.

However, Dyck says he is concerned with some of the requests made by Manitoba Agriculture.

He says their land maps may show parcels of land that are all class one or two but portions of that may not be farmable at all.

Dyck says they would like to see a partnership between the two to create a market for those who are wanting a rural lifestyle.

Some private individuals presented concerns as well.

However, he says this was more on seperate situations rather than the entire plan.

Dyck says it has taken some time to get to this point and this is just the first step.

He says he hopes the approval comes through quickly so they can move onto the livestock policy and the zoning by-law.