On Thursday, May 30th, in an inspiring show of musical unity, students from École Morden Middle School (EMMS), Minnewasta School, Maple Leaf Elementary School, and Morden Collegiate Institute (MCI) came together for a memorable singing event. This special gathering featured over 300 students, through grades three to twelve, harmonizing as one.

Alina McKay and Aria Klatt, students participating in the event, expressed their excitement: "Doing all the fun stuff and listening to other people singing, and how we got to sing all together as the whole group was fun." The joy of uniting in the songs was clear, as Alina added, "Really happy."

Heather Clyde, the music director at École Morden Middle School, shared her amazement at the event's success. "We were so sad at first that we weren't able to be at the park, but what a great experience to have. Over 300 students all singing together is incredible... the arts are alive and well in Morden, that's for sure."

Blakely Harris, another student, was impressed by the scale of the event: "I thought it was really cool because normally we do it with like 30 kids, but it was way more than 30 kids." She noted the organizational work required to assemble everyone, especially with a last-minute venue change due to weather from the park to the school.

EMMS' Vice Principal Jordan Pauls praised the collaborative effort: "To see all the schools come together and all the collaboration that took place behind the scenes was outstanding." He appreciated the theme of unity, saying, "Just bringing together different voices, we can all come together regardless of our differences and find common ground."

The event, marked by challenges and emotional high points, was a testament to the thriving arts community in Morden. It was a powerful reminder of music's ability to unite and inspire, leaving participants and organizers hopeful for future events.