Despite the rain cutting Sunday's event short, Dead Horse Creek Speedway's racers and fans at The McNaught Cadillac Cup gave it their all until the weather forced a stop.

The races, already postponed by a weekend due to earlier weather issues related to heavy rain May 24th, finally took place, bringing excitement and a strong sense of community to the speedway. Over 1,000 enthusiastic fans attended Saturday night, making it a memorable event.

"It's such a great community event. It brings out so many people to enjoy motorsports, to work together, to form friendships... it's a community," said organizer Chris Unrau.

The atmosphere at Dead Horse Creek Speedway was electric, with families and supporters coming together to cheer on their favourite racers. The event highlighted the passionate support that the racing community is known for.

"They do such a good job here. They put so much work into it. So I'm glad to see it all come to fruition. We're here to cheer on my husband as he races," Megan Friesen, a loyal supporter.

Preparation for the races was not without its difficulties. After the heavy rain, the track needed extensive drying and maintenance, which took a full week. Organizers worked tirelessly to get the facility in top condition, ensuring a smooth and safe racing surface for the competitors.

Volunteers and organizers worked hard to ensure everything ran smoothly. Despite the challenges posed by the weather, their hard work paid off, as the event successfully brought people together, offering a weekend filled with excitement.

As the summer progresses, anticipation builds for the upcoming races at Dead Horse Creek Speedway. Look out for more exciting races this summer – you won't want to miss it! The next event is the GVE Deere Run happening July 5th and 6th.

Two photos submitted by Matthew Loewen:

cars on track

cars on track