Manitoba is an ideal size and place to start or purchase a business or farm, and to raise a family.
That from the Provincial Nominee Program for Business.
The Winkler Chamber of Commerce invited Hollis Zhang and Carl Huebner from the Business Immigration and Investment Office to their meeting Tuesday.
Zhang is the Manager of Business Settlement.
He says after others promote Manitoba, and recruit people to our province, he helps establish the businesses.
He adds Manitoba's program stands out from the other provinces because it is fast tracked, and it's the only one to include help once new business owners and investors arrive.
He notes there has been a large increase over the past few years.
Zhang says in 2009,  a new all time high of 91 businesses were established in Manitoba through the Provincial Nominee Program.
Most newcomers are moving here from Korea, China, Western Europe, and the Middle East.
Zhang adds when looking at the entire  province, the Pembina Valley is seeing minimal population growth due to the program, but the dollars invested in the region is where the Pembina Valley is noticing a greater increase.

- Thursday, April 22, 2010 -