Officials with the Municipality of Rhineland are reflecting on a recent meeting with the Province's water, engineering and operations department. 

The session allowed local officials to outline their ongoing concerns regarding the maintenance and reconstruction of provincial drains. 

"The two we focused on, to make the point was, of course, the South Buffalo and the Aux Marais," explained Reeve Don Wiebe.

As well, Rhineland officials stressed the importance of timely repairs to damaged and aging rural bridges, and last but not least, underscored a desire to have the Province re-evaluate its moratorium on new low level crossings. Council believes low-level crossings would present some savings over a new structure, while accommodating the needs of local farmers.

According to Wiebe, the Province confirmed at the meeting it is taking another look at the policy.

"This is good news for us," he said. "We're glad they're taking another look at that."

Council had been advocating for a re-evaluation for over 5 years.

With files from Chris Sumner