After opening in July 2023, Boyne River Bistro has been serving food in Carman for almost a year now and has seen much success doing so. 

Tyler King joined the morning show to discuss this new spot for the whole family in Carman. King took us on the journey it has been over the last year.

"We started with a very soft opening. We didn't really tell anybody. We were open just to work the kinks out. Now that we've got ourselves established, we're quite busy and we're enjoying it. We're excited to have people come in, and check us out. We've become a go-to place in town, and for people traveling through the area as well."

The Boyne River Bistro has a large menu of options for lunch or dinner. King mentioned that their Bacon Cheeseburger Flatbread and Southwest Flatbread are popular items anyone could enjoy.

blt sandwichA delicious looking BLT sandwich from Boyne River Bistro

"We've got farmer shots, for starters. They're really neat, they are a farmer sausage wrapped in bacon with cream cheese filling. We've got deep fried Pickles. Everything we make is made in-house. We have amazing cheesecakes for dessert. Pretty much anything anybody might want that's a little bit different, we've got it."

While the bistro is attached to the Boyne Lodge, everyone is welcome to drop by for lunch or dinner, seven days a week. This summer they are looking forward to opening their new patio for all to enjoy, with the expectation it will be opening very soon.

Learn more about the Boyne River Bistro here!

deep fried cheescakeAnd you have to finish your meal with some deep fried cheescake