Red River Valley School Division continues to see continued steady enrollment growth.

About 2,190 students have registered with schools in the division, which is about 75 more than last year, according to Brad Curtis the division's Superintendent.

"We've had quite a few registrations that have come in September and October ... and we're still receiving registrations week by week."

Earlier this year the division was projecting enrollment for the 2018/19 school year at 2,156 students.

The increase in student numbers comes despite the school board's decision to make some significant spending cuts to its budget for this year.

While teacher's jobs were spared, a number of support staff positions were eliminated along with some programs.

Curtis is not surprised by the increase in student numbers.

"No, there's been a pattern of schools that are going up in enrollment. There seems to be a demand in the Morris and St. Malo areas as well as Sanford Collegiate in the north part of our division and in the Heritage French Immersion program in St. Pierre. We're probably two years in a row where we've seen increases of 50 to 75 students."

He said the higher enrollment stems from more people with children moving into the area who want specific programming, whether it's high school at Sanford or French immersion programming at Heritage.