Canadian Mennonite University Instructor Kenton Lobe


Tuesday students from Canadian Mennonite University joined Manitoba farmers in Carman as part of a unique course. The second annual Canadian School of Peacebuilding includes a 5 day program that involved a "Farmer Day" at the University of Manitoba Research Farm.  Kenton Lobe from CMU is one of the instructors, and explains why coming to Carman was important.

The course is in it's second year, and Lobe is impressed with the level of interest. He says there is a variety of students in terms of age, gender, and place in the food chain. He notes it signals a conversation about food that is just beginning.

Students were able to interact with local farmers, visitors from South Africa, and Professor of Cropping Systems and Agronomy Martin Entz. The group was attentive to the knowledge of Entz who has an extensive research background at the University of Manitoba. He highlighted organic crops, zero til practices, and overall food production here in Southern Manitoba.


A photo showing the plots attendees toured earlier this week at the U of M Research Farm just west of Carman


The group will continue to learn about food this week by visiting the International Grains Institute, and then an inner city visit to a community garden project.

~ Thursday, June 17th 2010 ~