Trustees with the Western School Division (WSD) have elected Brian Fransen to remain as their board chair.

Fransen was elected by his fellow trustees during the board's reorganizational meeting on Monday. He shares his vision for the year ahead for Western. shares his vision 

"We really need to focus on working together and building that future together. It isn't just one person's vision. It isn't just the leaders vision. It is actually getting everybody on board and working together to continue some of the great things that have been happening, but then also building on all of that and using what we have coming to have that future be great."

With a lot of stuff going on in the Western School Division right now, Fransen said  it's great to be a part of the team that is participating in the future growth of the community and planning for that as they're building Discovery Trails. 

Meanwhile, the division's newly elected vice-chair also has a clear vision for the future as the board sets out on a new school year. Darcy Wolfe was elected to the role, replacing Trustee David Guenther who appointed Wolfe for the role. 

"First off I would like to say how excited I am to be nominated and to be chosen to be vice-chair by my fellow trustees. I look forward to working together with them and fulfilling the goals they have set out to achieve in Western School Division," said Wolfe.

Wolfe said his vision is to work together as a group to maintain unity, and to help make school a place where kids want to go, and where they go not just to be taught, but be actively engaged in their learning.

"I want them to leave school with hope for their future," added Wolfe. "I just really hope that school can be a positive experience, and I'm going to work hard towards that."

Susana Hawryshko, David Guenther, Chair Brian Fransen, Vice Chair Darcy Wolfe, Lisa BurleySusana Hawryshko, David Guenther, Chair Brian Fransen, Vice Chair Darcy Wolfe, Lisa Burley

2023-2024 WSD Standing Committees :

RRTVA: Darcy Wolfe and Susana Hawryshko 

Negotiations: Brian Fransen and Susana Hawryshko 

Liaison: Lisa Burley and Brian Fransen 

Governance: David Guenther and Lisa Burley 

Communications: Darcy Wolfe and David Guenther

- With files from Robyn Wiebe -

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