Winkler's Citizen on Patrol Program plays an important role in being an extra set of eyes and ears in helping the Winkler Police Service keep our community safe.
Dustin Brown, Winkler's COPP Coordinator, has been with the COPP program in Winkler for 22 years.

The COPP program in Winkler is a joint partnership with the Winkler Chamber and Police Service. 

"We've worked very closely with the Winkler police since the Citizens on Patrol program started," said Brown. "We've also always been very thankful for the Winkler Chamber of Commerce. They look after all of our financials. They look after our new applicants and things like that. So it's been a good working partnership, and we appreciate it." 

On Monday, Winkler Police Chief Ryan Hunt presented Brown with a cheque for $4,500, which will be used for their yearly operations.

Chief Hunt says the annual cheque presentation also serves as a platform to acknowledge and thank the citizens who take the time to help keep our community safe.

"It's also important that the community knows this program is ongoing. And I guess so the message gets out to potential criminals they don't only have to keep an eye out for a black and white police car driving around, but any civilian vehicle they see driving around, throughout our city, in the industrial park or wherever it happens to be, could potentially be a Citizen on Patrol that can contact the police." 

The month of June is National Safety Month. with a focus on roadway safety next week brownsays that is part of what their volunteers focus on when they're out on patrol.

"We're out there looking for obviously any kind of impaired driver or any other actions that could be dangerous on the road. So it ties in nicely with what we."

Winkler's Citizen on Patrol program currently has ten volunteer members.