It’s where beginners work out alongside seasoned athletes, and where all ages find new joy in moving and improving their health and wellness!

Rise Athletics opened the doors to a humble 1,000 sq ft facility back in 2012, when owner Kurtis Fox took it upon himself to fill the local need for quality fitness coaching in a positive environment. Since then, things have only gone upward, with an increase in staff as well as physical expansions to the current 12,000 sq ft space.

Throughout all of this, Fox says they have not once lost sight of their two main objectives- the coaching, and the environment.

“We want to ensure that a beginner with no experience feels welcome on day one,” he states. “While a long-term member in the same session is also experiencing training at a level they desire.”

Whatever your skillset, interest, or goals, their coaching team will help you create your ideal plan. Overall, their goal is to provide fitness and recreation opportunities for the whole family, with classes available for children as young as six years old.

Programs include fitness classes, jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, sports performance, personal training, team training, and, most recently since the January 2024 expansion, an all-new 24-7 gym area.

people working out in a gym

While the welcoming environment is a priority, the Rise team also takes pride in their state of the art facility, equipment, and tech.

“Our Sports Performance team uses advanced performance metric technology to develop proper training regimens,” Fox shares. “We also have an on-site InBody Scanner to accurately assess in-depth body composition- data that goes far beyond what you get with just a scale. And our very own RISE Active mobile app allows members to sync wearable fitness devices, track nutrition, view workout demonstration videos, and store data.”

In closing, Fox takes a moment to express a deep gratitude. He notes that, while members look to the Rise coaches for motivation and energy… which they love to give… it really is a two-way street. Members energize the staff, and that’s often something overlooked in a gym or fitness setting. He shares that, whether it’s a kids’ combat sport class or a one-on-one training session, the people within this community really are the best, and they are honored to spend time alongside such wonderful individuals and groups.

“We’re extremely grateful for all the members, parents, athletes, and sports teams that trust us to work with them and their families here at Rise,” he states. “Whoever has followed us since the beginning knows we keep pushing the boundaries of what comes next, and this recent expansion is no different. Our community can be confident that we’ll continue reinvesting into our programs for the best member experience, and further grow in our services.”

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